Little did we know.

When they said to me my life will be nothing like it was before, my "pre-pregnancy me" seemed confident - it sure can't be as bad.

And then it changed.

That one day when I sat in the bathroom like frozen. I waited the recommended time for the display to reveal something that turned my life upside down a split second.


The initial shock that admittedly made me less excited than scared has passed and changed my world into focusing on something very special. "You are creating life" as my sister said to me during my weeks of morning sickness to comfort me. What I didn't anticipate is that the "change" of life is a strong beautiful bond, which I never felt before.

It's May and I am sitting in the kitchen to make last minute preparations for our holiday. ...or rather "Baby-Moon". Since my first four months of 24/7 nausea have nearly fully faded, the fun finally begins. (apart from rib and back pain, which I nearly got used to - nearly).

It's the first time in years since I left my full time job to become a photographer that I actually feel like I want to be myself again. My little baby in me is changing something significant inside my mindset.




...and travel plans.

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Follow me on my journey to our baby-moon... some questions you might want to ask... some answers you might want to ignore and a way through ups and downs some experienced some yet to be encountered.

My journey of becoming a mum.

Part Two: Our Baby-Moon

Coming Soon:

  • Super sociable & private pregnancy groups to join in Ireland
  • Worries to happily avoid
  • Shopping for dresses from comfy to chic
  • Baby moon advice & timing
  • Travel systems from 2nd hand to new
  • How to arrange your pregnancy life around your self-employment
  • Maternity & Paternity leave in Ireland & Europe
  • ...and much more