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Pegs & Strings - Flowers for your home


Pegs & Strings - Flowers for your home

This Floral table decoration is a colour full and affordable way to decorate your home, festival and make someone happy! flower_string_peg-1


  1. String - available in different colours in your flower shop ($$$) or DIY ($), I personally like the brown or beige ones
  2. Paint & Brush - depending on durability (I love change - and use colour that comes off when washing)
  3. Little Stones (the ones that you'd usually stick on your finger nails :))
  4. Tape (or juts leave enough string on both ends and tie a knot)
  5. Pegs - wooden ones are class, you can paint or spray paint them
  6. Scissors
  7. Flowers - any that you can cut to size (with only one flower bouquet you can decorate your whole house :))


You can spray them in the colour you like to make it fit your flowers and paint that you use on the little jars. Maybe use different colours for each room ?!


You can spray paint or paint these pegs. Use different colours if you have white flowers or keep it white for colourful flowers.


There are loads of different jars available in every different size. I love the smaller ones. They look really cute around the house. I always try to get things in threes.


Mix colours! Loving the outdoors and water, I naturally go for orange and blue.

For the blue I used acrylic colours ($ - $$$ depending on the store you go to - I wouldn't go for the cheapest acrylic paint as it won't stick on glass and come off to easily). You find cheap enough acrylic colours in big tubes in your art supply. So if you're a DIY crazy artist then go and get yourself this large tubes rather than small paints.


Small or large. It's really not about the size but a mix is always pretty I think. Very trendy at the moment are Baby's Breath Flowers or "Gypsophila" (image above).flower_string_peg-2flower_string_peg-7

I love a plain, minimalistic house. So be brave and get some strong colours to decorate those white room.


Cut them short. I thought it would be very pretty to cut the stalks short. It really give the beauty of the flower justice and shows off your own little piece of art.


...things in threes.


If you have a lovely background even better!


The jar. If you want to spray your jar white why not decorate it with little colourful crystals. I used those little stickers that you put on fingernails. Be creative and see what you have lying around in your "art studio". Maybe some buttons, seeds, leftover blossoms?


Be brave and use strong colours for some contrast and to make a statement.


What is your favourite colour... for each of your rooms?


Enjoy your newly decorated home - & a scent of nature :)