Who wouldn't want to head to France to secure some sunshine for their wedding celebrations. Weddings abroad have a couple of advantages and don't have to be more expensive than a wedding at home.12080272_1000249499996454_7796814590607495644_o We will look into the area in the south of France close to the Pyrenees. A wedding in French Chateaus with a barn feeling. We will look into where to get help to plan your getaway wedding too.

If you bring your family and friends or only a small number of close ones - you don't have to compromise. Either invite them all, or make it 2 celebrations, one at home and one abroad. Sometimes it's nice to just "run away" with your big love and get married without a big crowd.

It's been a trend in 2015 still is in 2016 / 2017 "they" say.

Let's start with the area. Gascogne.


Gascony, in the south of France is adjoined to Spain at the Atlantic Ocean. It is renowned for being the land of d'Artagnan - the land that inspired the 3 Musketeer Character.

While I was taken by the scent of Garlic - which at first I thought would be awkward - but it's actually a beautiful scent when driving through sun flooded garlic fields. The only problem - I was constantly hungry :)

Gascony is known for it's Armagnac Brandy - the oldest Brandy distilled in France. ...Armagnac is rumoured of having therapeutic benefits - I won't dispute - but will make sure to convince myself during my next visit!

Parts of Gascogne's landscape remind me of endless sunflower fields in the south of Spain.


It's the warm summer sun and around 2500h of sunshine per year which is to be made responsible for that picturesque scenery.


But not only the landscape is breathtaking! Gascony's buildings give the area in the South its true French rural characteristic. Old sandy stonewalls, roman architecture and a - usually - bright light give the little towns beautiful photography opportunities.


Music, Food and accommodation... and any fun decor you're looking for :)

Seek help. That's my one big advice. There are a couple of agencies based in the UK, in Ireland and in France that operate locally.

Truly spoken, I personally haven't worked with an agency yet so I won't be able to provide any feedback about agencies. Well and then again - I personally prefer to work with someone on a more personal base.

I did find a fabulous wedding planner in France and really - she's the go-to person when it comes to a smooth flow of everything to do with your own unique summer wedding in France.

Patricia O'Reilly from "Country Weddings in Gascony" is really like your mum on the day - before, during & after. While she will make sure that everything is set up in a romantic way before your wedding, she will also be there for your during the actual wedding day.

She know the most stunning venues!

...even for last minute requests such as this rustic flower setup - I still don't know where she got the bicycle, basket and flower bouquet from on the actual wedding day :)


With a love for everything pretty - flower and table decoration is also covered by your mum for the day :)


As Patricia is a "self-appointed" local - originally from the North of Ireland, she has developed a fab network of lovely suppliers in the area. Reliable, friendly and of high quality. Fluent in French too which makes everything so much easier.

The below ensemble played amazing music from classical to modern with a twist for every taste.


Food was absolutely mouthwatering - even a photographer needs feeding sometimes, so I was lucky to get a taste of the French cuisine!

Emma & Josh November 2015-317

...pick up. Patricia organises anything from pick up from the airport to recommendations about venue, sight seeing & accommodation for friends and family - you are in good hands - promised!

I thoroughly enjoy wedding photography in France, though it's work for me it's in the most relaxed atmosphere and your wedding will be a fabulous celebration with nothing to worry but loads to do, see and... eat :)