I am here for 8 years and can tell you, Ireland is a fabulous country to say "yes". Not just because we're finally all equal, but also because of the diversity of it's nature, colours and - the pubs! December_Road_Trip_Tralee_Carolyn-1-12

The truly beautiful countryside and the friendly people -  will make sure you and your loved ones will have a fantastic time!

You might have heard about the 4 seasons in one day - it's not just a myth!

So when getting married in Ireland there are a couple of tips that I'd love to share, and I hope it helps when you book your venue, decide about location and - food! Wedding and Event Photography have taken me to stunning castles like Malahide Castle, little private manors "Killyon Manor" and the great outdoors, to Kilmainham Royal Hospital and many more...

Tips for your Wedding Venue in Ireland:

First of all, you'll have a fabulous wedding if you are looking for a beautiful scenery, plenty of nature and pubs with Irish music and a bit of banter!

In case you only got engaged - Congrats :) and while you might have started your wedding planning: "Please give the state 3 months notice of your intention to getting married in Ireland."

There are some very helpful information from the HSE. Have a read through their requirements when it comes to documents, your status e.g. first time marriage, marriage after divorce or civil annulment... well and the fees etc.

There are plenty of hidden gems for your wedding venue. Weather you are looking for a cottage, barn, castle or manor, Ireland is famous for a variety of locations with mind blowing buildings.

1. Killyon Manor


"the" secret place for one of Ireland latest additions to Hipster Festivals. Another Love Story. From  glamping, Irish music (traditional and modern), fabulous food by The Happy Pear - I have been 3 times and fell in love with the Manor, the people  atmosphere each single time.Another_Love_Story_2015-34Another_Love_Story_2015-2

...and if you aren't into glamping, there are 8 beds in the house! Newly renovated. What's not to love!

2. Kilmainham Royal Hospital


If you fancy a location closer to the city, Kilmainham Royal Hospital is only a stone throw from Dublin City Centre - but its gardens make you feel as if you are in the countryside.


Kilmainham Royal Hospital has been listed in Irelands New Wedding Venues 2015.Sharee_Paddy-137

3. Malahide Castle


If you always dreamt of a wedding in a castle, near to town & near the sea, Malahide Castle might be your dream location. Beautiful gardens are open for your civil ceremony too!

4. Maryville Tea Rooms:

Treat yourself to tea & coffee in a Victorian Gentleman's Residence which has a yummy selection of finest pastry and coffee and even a stunning B&B.

As promised, we have loads of adventure too!

 As you can tell, Ireland has plenty of water, so in case you haven't got your stag or hen event planned or, if you fancy a slightly different action filled wedding...

Weddings aren't only just for sitting down and chatting with friends. For weddings and hen & stag nights Ireland has plenty on offer - I am not getting into Temple Bar I'm afraid - I am talking "real" adventures.

1. Cork - ... well or Ballyhass, which is about 40min from Cork City:


In a beautiful - and slightly rural - location, you will find an adventure camp with activities for anyone (seriously)! Accommodation: About five well equipped houses each with few on the lake and a shared BBQ right at the lake where you can relax after a good workout. Head down to the lake for some decent water sports activities. Anything from  Wake boarding (like snowboarding but on the water :)) - to fishing, archery


... and much more.


Book your group in for a day or two (just go for 3 days if you can!) - you'll have some stories to tell!

...be nice to the crew and Eoghan might give your gang a lift to the pub! ;)

Cork airport is about 56 minutes from Ballyhass Adventure Centre. If you have the chance and you're from abroad make it a road trip. Ireland's rural and real nature is way too beautiful to be missed.

2. Dublin Adventure Centre Surfdock @GrandCanalDock

NCWC 2015 - Saturday Qualifier-394

If you are looking to go to Dublin for your hen, stag night or wedding you'll be surprised. Right in the busy financial centre of Dublin at Grand Canal Dock you'll find city adventure centre: Surfdock. It's not only windsurfing right in the city, it's wake boarding by WakedockSUP (Stand-up paddle boat), SUP Yoga (yeah right! get in shape before the madness! :) ), kayaking.

NCWC 2015 - Saturday Morning Activities & Briefing-70

On top of it all lovely restaurants, I definitely recommend the Oarsman Pub - it's behind the hustle and bustle - it's food is delicious!! Best Chicken Wings yet

3. Go to Strandhill! Surfing, Hiking & good Food! ...and my favourite for food: Shell's Seaside Cafe

This is worth a day trip to the sea from anywhere in Ireland! Shell's Seaside Cafe right in Strandhill at the coast. Shell's has a little shop next door - great for souvenirs, e.g. Shell's cook book with food & impressions from Sligo. From Strand hill to Sligo town in about 10 minutes for some shopping or travel further north about 40 minutes to Bundoran or Rossnowlagh if you're into the coast and surfing. It's Europe finest surfing you can get!

surf_rossnowlagh (1 of 1)

4. I nearly forgot ...County Kerry - here's THE tip if you are looking to stay in a Boutique Hotel in Tralee!


For a bit of scouting we went to Tralee and checked into the Ashe Hotel right in the city centre.December_Road_Trip_Tralee_Carolyn-1-32

There one thing - next to the boutique-y interior design, most comfortable beds and stylish bathrooms - that stood out most: the food. You really won't have to go far if you want to dine in a bar-style modern environment with a loungy twist. I had prawns & pasta - delish!

Irish Coffee - a must, and the hot chocolate to die for.


Pack your suitcases and stay for a night or two - it's only 50 min from Dingle too!

5. Oh, I need to mention my local pub & restaurant - discovered 2015! ...fresh from the press!

The location: You could have guessed - The Midlands - the heart of Ireland & my home.


So let's start with the restaurant. Or... the pub? Yeah let's start with the pub.

The name: Lifebelt.... or Sorohan's, the beer: top notch, the atmosphere: ...ah here - it's an Irish pub you just want to go to again and again for all the right reasons. ...except someone has a poor taste for music, while the jukebox is in the back room - thank god ;)

P.S.Red Our latest addition right beside the pub (tip, if you feel like a sneaky pint during dinner, pop into the pub through the back doors...)

We've been a couple of times now, I sneaked my way into tasting some of their dishes while offering my photography :) - it's all mouth watering!


Desert - just say yes already!


Sharon and Paul and a class team (!) are doing a great job in the newly opened restaurant to make me feel home :).


I don't know how they do it but each spoon full is a bursts with flavour! It's a party in your mouth (I think you get the idea). And all to thanks to Chef Paul.

Think this is his secret...


Award winning, yummy food, delicious choice of some of the finest wines.


This list could go on and on and on!


I'd be delighted to hear from you if you're looking for a photographer for any occasion really - I shoot professionally for a true passion :)

For more locations, just pop over to Hidden Ireland - have a look and just ask owners of beautiful places if they would mind for you to rent the place. You might be lucky and find a house, castle or manor to be the first couple to get married :)

And if you need any help or advice, as always... pm me, let's chat over a cupa tea & I find out more for you! Always happy to help!