Oh I know I couldn't help it. But since the summer finally arrived I am thinking - winter.

sunset - light & nature-1-17

Every time I meet new people the conversation - stereotype - hits the "weather" at some stage. Dear Irish, I can assure you it's the same in every country. If it's the Spanish complaining about too much sun in Spain or for those who moved, the rain in Ireland, the Germans about the weather being too wet or too dry... we all do it.

So here's to rain and happiness!

10 reasons to look forward to colder, darker nights:

10. Autumn shows it's beauty in most incredible colours nature has to offer!

9. Dark misty evenings are a fantastic excuse to cuddle up on the sofa in a knitted blanket.

8. Stitch and bitch evenings are a fab way to share the gossip & a glass of wine with the girls.

7. As many hot chocolates as you like!

6. Go for long walks in the cold frosty air makes dinner taste a hundred times better...

5. ...& no bad conscience for relaxing on that sofa yet again.

4. If you do exercise outdoors you sweat less...

3. ...& are loads prouder of your achievement!

2. Mulled wine!

1. Heading to that Ski resort!

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