I don't know about you, but I just can't sit down & work away on a desk full with random stuff...

...any longer!!


The hottest day of the year - cleaning or dozing???

Instead of relaxing in the garden, embracing the sunshine & spending valuable time with our dog, I decided to spring-clean. The kitchen, living room, surfaces, floors. It's been pretty chaotic & the spring clean is long due!

After a couple of hours of playing Marry Poppins I finally sit down to do some photo editing. At least I now have space for a nice cup of coffee and my laptop.

After nearly 3 hours I am nearly. Just a couple of tweaks in Lightroom - before the system crashes & swallows my unsaved work forever.

That's what you get! Priorities, priorities... I should have saved it earlier ... nah, should have gone play in the sun right away! :)