"You'll be grand with a cup of tea and a boat" - they said - and man were they right!IMG_8721

I always dreamt of a boat of my own. But sure I play captain at least for 4 days!

So at least for four nights 5 close friends - of whom I really only knew 2 - went off on an adventure along the Shannon. We got ourselves a sweet little cruiser with everything we needed: a toilet, kitchen, beds and an engine to bring us from harbour to harbour and from pub to pub.

It doesn't take long to switch off. Really just the first bridge that forces your busy mind to slow down at an half hour stop where we patiently waited for the gates to open. And then the reward: pure nature, idyllic scenary and fresh air.

A couple of board games, pastel colours and knitting - not to be missed. The reward is a pint and a yummy dinner at pubs along the Shannon, such as the Derg Inn. Lovely food, a very warm and welcoming team and a modern but homely interior design. The wine is delicious too.

Returning to the Dublin's city vibes wasn't as easy.

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