Here’s where you go for a decent lunch, a sweet treat or simply a nice cup of creamy coffee & a chat.

What I liked most: sipping a lovely cappuccino while listening to the sounds of Bruce, Simon & Garfunkel and Jimi Hendrix – a truly relaxed atmosphere.

Situated quiet close to the Shannon Roscommon City is one little vibrant place. It’s friendly, colourful & rustic.

When I moved here from busy and vibrant Dublin I was slightly - let's say "freaked out" :). Dublin is pretty vibrant and there is much to do. But in the end what you really need is that one happy place where you come back for a good cup of tea, lovely interior design and comfortable seating. Here’s where people know each other - where you hear a friendly “How’s it going” and people even remember your name.

The Comfy cafe is my new "To-Go" place when I do my groceries in town, visit the local shop, get my fish from the little street van, or fresh vegetables at the little market place at the quarter.

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