You might be looking into the one little thing that is shared with all your guests and family.

The Wedding Cake.

From a bright white cake to ribbons and roses, if coulourful or simply sweet, you should go for the treat you love most. I thought after my previous shoot with Lulu's Cakes, it would be great to share a couple of tips around cakes.

Simply beautiful those pretty stencils. It takes hours to learn this skill and if you have - like me - no patience, I would definitely recommend to drop into a Pâtisserie for some tasting and to be inspired. 

If you do like a bit of colour and somthing slightly outside the norm - I do love Lulu's Rose cake. The shap and form, colours and deltail - it's stunning and I would not dare to try and use this as a DIY poject, not for my wedding anyway :)

For some glam a bit of glitter and a silk ribbon works well on this white classical wedding cake. Be creative and add your one note if you like!

If you still believe that baking a cake is too hard, but you really would love to display a cake of your own why not try a "no-bake" cake? I was really excited about this one. Now, I do love a bit of baking and, though this is far from baking, I left the kitchen in a bit of a mess. But you see for yourself.

My favouite. I love autumn inside and out. It's the most beautiful season I believe and this cake just supports the warm and soft season. A beige silky ribbon, some dried flowers - you can choose the ones you love and give it your own personal touch.