Maryville_tea_rooms_header_petite_idylle The sun is out, the cows are happy. What else to do than to break the midweek routine by going up north or a lovely road trip and a bit of banter?! From Dublin to Belfast and back, with a little coffee break in the Maryville Tea Rooms.

Up and down in one day - The direct way from Belfast back home to Dublin is via Monaghan, as it appeared. The road signs in Belfast seem to prefer the scenic route.

The scenery is amazing though. So we weren't too bothered to get en route & redirected.

We’ve been up to visit a very sweet little place. A great venue for occasions that require sweet treats, coffee (pretty much applies for any occasion) and a Victorian atmosphere. The Meryville team rooms offer exactly that.

I sure will be back for some out doorsey photography. The trip offers beautiful photography of this sweet Indian summer. While in Dublin the green of the leaves insist on staying a little longer, the colours of the north bloom in a lovely orange. I was driving, no time to capture but to "awe".

Well, this is only the scenery of cookies and the Victorian interior design of Maryville Tea Rooms really :)