Frozen Hot Chillies (10 of 10)

Remember the previous photo shoot with those hot chilies?

I would usually buy them in a little pack of five or six, red, yellow and green hot chilies.

Well and usually I only use a fraction and wait till what's left over gets rotten so I can bin the chilies with no bad conscience. Extremely bad, so I thought about this:

Chili Con Carne with a splash of sour crème.

1. Chop those chilies...

I keep them separate, but sure, why not mix things up?

Separate the different chilie piles into little portions for your meals.

Ehem.. if you have an ice cube mould, use it. If not, try to be creative. I used an egg box and cut an empty pasta bag in squares:

Cut plastic bags into pieces & stick them into the egg box.

Fill plastic bags with chilies & then water, I always add some water so that the chilies, herbs, spices - what ever you use - freeze faster & when used it is much easier to take them out individually.

Put the egform with the chilies into a freezer.

When frozen...

Take an individual bag of chilies out, depending on the size of your meal, one or more.

Put the frozen chili cubes into your meal while cooking.

Serve & enjoy :)