I dropped into Fallon and Byrne for some food inspiration and left with a bag full of exotic vegies I haven't yet been introduced to myself.

  • 8 variations of tomatoes - from green to the smallest I have ever seen.
  • 6 different types of mushrooms - to support a rustic look
  • Jerusalem Artichokes - don't forget to peel before cooking (I did)

...to go with some asparagus, potatoes, salt and pepper, parsley, rosemary and a lovely fillet of Cod. Serve with Tomatoe Baguette and a bit of oil and vinegar to dip.

Boyle the potatoes together with the Jerusalem Artichokes to add flavour - BBQ flavour that is! Fry the all other ingredients in a pan.


Fry the mushrooms in butter, add double cream, white wine. Season with salt and pepper and rosemary. Let simmer.

I promise, you will feel like a michellin star chef and win brownie points with your flatmates!