If you like the summer, you sure like a summer salad!
Summer Salad Love good food There are days that I am not attached to my camera and leave it behind - on those days be assured you will be missing to capture a moment that means the world to you. The other day we went for a stroll with the dog, along Lough Ree lake at "The Marina". Years back many fisher man have lost their lives, it isn't relevant how small or large the gap from shore to shore is, when you can't swim. Today a beautiful stone bridge connects the two towns. We were waking along the water towards the bridge and discovered a fisher man in a rowing boat with two beautiful Irish Red and White Setter. I wish I could have taken a photo! I will have to sit down one day and paint the moment it looked truly natural, nearly mindful and represents what we feel about living in Ireland. I didn't learn from my forgetfulness and yet another evening walk with nothing to capture it. I have been surprised by someone special to celebrate a very first photo exhibition in Longford Digital Arts Competition for one of my photographs. We went down to the lake for a lovely dinner overlooking the sunset. Well, what stays in mind is the memory I suppose, well and some left overs of which I made a very delicious "Summer-Salad-Sandwich"!

  • Salmon
  • Corn
  • Coleslaw
  • Green Salad
  • Feta Cheese
  • ...sprinkle some Oregano on top - you will love it!
And if you have a garden near by, use some garden flowers to decorate your "left-over" Summer Salad Sandwich! Yummy - I promise!

...if you are more the sweet tooth... have some berries!