One of my huge dreams is to live in a supermarket. Well, not exactly, but how amazing would it be to have your own fruits, veg @ berries in your garden?!

When I was a little kid we spend most of our holidays at my granny's. She was an absolute admirable woman. She was the Post-wo-men of the little village she lived in Germany. Lina used to own an old yellow Opel Kadett. Lina wasn't her real name... she told us she had about 9 different names. Lina, Christina, Carolina,... I never knew if she was only winding us up or not, but that made her this little more impressive. Lina was a strong woman. Loosing her husband early in their marriage she needed to built up her life by herself. Rarely asking for help she built her own house - with a massive vegetable garden. I remember my older sister and I running through the many paths as if you were in a grocery store, picking and eating those lovely juicy berries from the bushes. Sometimes we brought sugar with us so we could dip the rhubarb - so yummy! Lina's garden was our paradise. We could play for hours - never hungry and endless berries to discover from goos berries to blackberries, huckleberries and many more. For those who love Berries... there's more here.