So many years have passed before I could find some time to sit down and do what these photographs deserve. Being shared.10151223003205917

When I came back from Africa July 2012, it felt difficult, nearly impossible to go through all those photographs in detail; to make a decision which one to keep, delete, print, publish. In the end, I left each single photo unseen and abandoned on my external hard-drive - safe and secure. To secure my images on a 2nd system I - at least - uploaded them to a simple online service in poor quality.

As it couldn't have come any different,... my external hard drive discontinued its service with me. Trying to sort one challenge after the other I am sitting here 3 years later looking at the photographs in poor quality.

How long are we waiting for something better to arrive before we realise that how things are right in this moment - is imperfectly fine?! Imperfectly beautiful even?!

So here they are - quality ain't great, but the memories surely are!