...and a horse with a Moustache :)

Lanesborough - Ballylague-1-77

"Tidy Towns" - is such a fabulous invention! When we did a Boat trip along the Shannon last summer we came across many places with those signs "tidy towns". When I took a holiday from Dublin, "tidy towns" meant "holidays", "city break", "relax".

Now it means - my home.

We have done the mistake of moving home in December. Nearly everything is miserable during those dark grey nights. Usually I don't mind the winter. But we started with 2 weeks of no heating, my dad in Germany wasn't well & I didn't know anyone in the area yet.

Then again, when you move in a miserable time - it can only get better! And it did!

I went for a stroll today. Lanesborough & Ballyleague divide Co. Longford from Co. Roscommon. It's absolutely incredible what those two towns have done for visitors but also their citizens & new neighbours - this place is simply beautiful.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-83

On my walk today I've met a lovely man who's name is Paddy who cycled from a neighbouring town to spend some time at the Duck Sanctuary. He told me all about how he worked for the local power station, the minks that got introduced to produce fur for expensive coats, but then got released into the nature where they now disturb the local wildlife, he told me about times where there were no phones so when a friend's car broke down, the only way to get it to a garage was a horse that pulled the car like a coach/carriage (I'd love to travel back in time to take a picture :)). We chatted away & I nearly forgot the time.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-27

I met a dog owner with the kindest looking dog! A Great Dane!

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-22

...& spent hours at the marina - I always wanted to live near the water.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-17

See, there is a price you pay moving away from a busy city - but be sure, there are many things that make life interesting & beautiful in the country side - let it be the people, the pace of life or the colourful views!