Prettiness, Pink Cake and loads of love

An absolut fabulous day at The Villa hotel in the UK... with lovely Josh and beautiful Emma... I truly enjoyed their wedding!! Emma&Josh_2015-1-6

...and how incredibly talented... Emma made her stunning wedding cake herself!! - extremely yummy :)



Autumn Flowers - From the "Bog"

Oh,... I love love love autumn! From red leafs, an icy scent of cold in the air, knitted woollen jumpers, hot drinks - & carrot cake - of course and a bit of DIY. Autumn Flowers-20

I am quiet excited too, as we have footed turf this year - I am ready for a cold & comfy winter.

Honey, our dog, loves the bog, so much we had a little stroll over the fields the other day, and I thought it would be nice to get a little bit of "autumns-phere" home and decorate our window sills.

TIP...for the white branches and leaves I used spray paint - try it for winter decoration to make it look like snow.



It's more than just a Competition!

Two weeks in and I am still buzzing!

NCWC 2015 - Saturday Morning Activities & Briefing-2

Wakedock in Dublin/ Ireland hosted this year's National Cable Wakeboard Championships - results here.

As a great host would - burgers were ready just before the comp to get the energy up and Nina & the crew have set up a fantastic are to chill out and relax before the heart rates increased for about 40 competitors.

I had an awesome day shooting for the crew... and got convinced to compete last minute - in fairness the place was buzzing and it didn't take much convincing - a massive thanks to Jacinta though. She's operating & competing too but best of all a great team player and motivator for the girls!

The Crew set up time Friday afternoon for a wee jam session. Competitors traveled from all over Ireland... Cavan, Roscommon, Belfast... to show off there best tricks from hitting obstacles to impressive .....

With admiration you look at more advanced competitors, I still see myself as a rookie, and see them as superheroes... the nerves are equally tense I heard!

Age is getting younger as Wakeboarding is more and more established. You do see kids age 8 - and they go big! The talent in Ireland easily competes on an international level.

Well, sit back and enjoy the shots from a busy weekend out at the Wakedock Wakeboard Cable.

And the winners are...



Punchestown Racecourse

Rummaging in my congeries of photographs from the past... 55540_10151249442425917_1329864434_o-2

your car fix for Saturday evening & those who like steam, burned rubber & a decent day out! Punchestown Racecourse - well worth a visit!

(they also sell ice cream!)


Summer Salad Love


Summer Salad Love

If you like the summer, you sure like a summer salad!
Summer Salad Love good food There are days that I am not attached to my camera and leave it behind - on those days be assured you will be missing to capture a moment that means the world to you. The other day we went for a stroll with the dog, along Lough Ree lake at "The Marina". Years back many fisher man have lost their lives, it isn't relevant how small or large the gap from shore to shore is, when you can't swim. Today a beautiful stone bridge connects the two towns. We were waking along the water towards the bridge and discovered a fisher man in a rowing boat with two beautiful Irish Red and White Setter. I wish I could have taken a photo! I will have to sit down one day and paint the moment it looked truly natural, nearly mindful and represents what we feel about living in Ireland. I didn't learn from my forgetfulness and yet another evening walk with nothing to capture it. I have been surprised by someone special to celebrate a very first photo exhibition in Longford Digital Arts Competition for one of my photographs. We went down to the lake for a lovely dinner overlooking the sunset. Well, what stays in mind is the memory I suppose, well and some left overs of which I made a very delicious "Summer-Salad-Sandwich"!

  • Salmon
  • Corn
  • Coleslaw
  • Green Salad
  • Feta Cheese
  • ...sprinkle some Oregano on top - you will love it!
And if you have a garden near by, use some garden flowers to decorate your "left-over" Summer Salad Sandwich! Yummy - I promise!

...if you are more the sweet tooth... have some berries!



Very Berry - Garden Fruits

One of my huge dreams is to live in a supermarket. Well, not exactly, but how amazing would it be to have your own fruits, veg @ berries in your garden?!

When I was a little kid we spend most of our holidays at my granny's. She was an absolute admirable woman. She was the Post-wo-men of the little village she lived in Germany. Lina used to own an old yellow Opel Kadett. Lina wasn't her real name... she told us she had about 9 different names. Lina, Christina, Carolina,... I never knew if she was only winding us up or not, but that made her this little more impressive. Lina was a strong woman. Loosing her husband early in their marriage she needed to built up her life by herself. Rarely asking for help she built her own house - with a massive vegetable garden. I remember my older sister and I running through the many paths as if you were in a grocery store, picking and eating those lovely juicy berries from the bushes. Sometimes we brought sugar with us so we could dip the rhubarb - so yummy! Lina's garden was our paradise. We could play for hours - never hungry and endless berries to discover from goos berries to blackberries, huckleberries and many more. For those who love Berries... there's more here.


My Africa.


My Africa.

So many years have passed before I could find some time to sit down and do what these photographs deserve. Being shared.10151223003205917

When I came back from Africa July 2012, it felt difficult, nearly impossible to go through all those photographs in detail; to make a decision which one to keep, delete, print, publish. In the end, I left each single photo unseen and abandoned on my external hard-drive - safe and secure. To secure my images on a 2nd system I - at least - uploaded them to a simple online service in poor quality.

As it couldn't have come any different,... my external hard drive discontinued its service with me. Trying to sort one challenge after the other I am sitting here 3 years later looking at the photographs in poor quality.

How long are we waiting for something better to arrive before we realise that how things are right in this moment - is imperfectly fine?! Imperfectly beautiful even?!

So here they are - quality ain't great, but the memories surely are!



Love your home! A small town in the Irish Midlands

...and a horse with a Moustache :)

Lanesborough - Ballylague-1-77

"Tidy Towns" - is such a fabulous invention! When we did a Boat trip along the Shannon last summer we came across many places with those signs "tidy towns". When I took a holiday from Dublin, "tidy towns" meant "holidays", "city break", "relax".

Now it means - my home.

We have done the mistake of moving home in December. Nearly everything is miserable during those dark grey nights. Usually I don't mind the winter. But we started with 2 weeks of no heating, my dad in Germany wasn't well & I didn't know anyone in the area yet.

Then again, when you move in a miserable time - it can only get better! And it did!

I went for a stroll today. Lanesborough & Ballyleague divide Co. Longford from Co. Roscommon. It's absolutely incredible what those two towns have done for visitors but also their citizens & new neighbours - this place is simply beautiful.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-83

On my walk today I've met a lovely man who's name is Paddy who cycled from a neighbouring town to spend some time at the Duck Sanctuary. He told me all about how he worked for the local power station, the minks that got introduced to produce fur for expensive coats, but then got released into the nature where they now disturb the local wildlife, he told me about times where there were no phones so when a friend's car broke down, the only way to get it to a garage was a horse that pulled the car like a coach/carriage (I'd love to travel back in time to take a picture :)). We chatted away & I nearly forgot the time.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-27

I met a dog owner with the kindest looking dog! A Great Dane!

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-22

...& spent hours at the marina - I always wanted to live near the water.

Lanesborough - Ballyleague-1-17

See, there is a price you pay moving away from a busy city - but be sure, there are many things that make life interesting & beautiful in the country side - let it be the people, the pace of life or the colourful views!