Design your own wardrobe shelfing

I have been looking for a decent wardrobe for ages!! It’s just so difficult to find a suitable wardrobe with storage individual to our needs.

Some are too deep, some to small, too wide to tall etc… First I thought I’ll make a built in wardrobe… but we didn’t want to compromise on a clean finish. Also… if you look at prices for decent wood, it simply doesn’t justify the work you put in - if you are one a small budget.

So why not meet in the middle!

I looked into two options.

  1. IKEA in Dublin

    • Delivery cost: 85,-EUR

  2. B&Q in Athlone

  • Delivery cost: 15,-EUR

Kendal Oak effect 2 door Mirror wardrobe

I found a quite modern wardrobe with sliding doors which I really liked. The shell at least. The inside was a little plain and I knew my clothes wouldn’t all have space. As I didn’t want to get yet another shelf or set of drawers I thought about using some of our left over plywood & chip wood. Not the nicest wood but sufficient for some extra storage in our wardrobe.

Here a photo of the wardrobe inside prior to my adjustments:

Kendal Oak effect 2 door Mirror wardrobe 

If you compare with individual parts… maybe getting the actual wardrobe is a little less cost intensive.

Sliding wardrobe doors start at 275,-EUR

Sliding wardrobe tracks are available if you want to built the whole wardrobe yourself…

I simply got the whole shell and then added my own storage as below.
I only changed one half of the wardrobe so far.

Tools required:

  • Wood-Drill

  • jig-saw (or hand saw)

  • Sander (depending on wood)


  • Screws (I used 3 per board on only one side)


  • ply wood/chip wood (as per preference… see what you have available)

Each side of the wardrobe is 60cm wide & deep. I wanted the shelfs to be deep rather than wide. Cut the white chipboards 30cm wide and 60cm -3cm deep (57cm so you can still open the opposite slide door). Round the left front corners… so you don’t scratch yourself as I did ;)

Cut the middle wall into the hight you prefer (I had a 1.50m board available) and 30cm deep to let extra light into the back.

Make sure you measure the the hight fo each shelf and mark it on the dividing board. You can use available holes for shelving in the right wardrobe wall or screw your own holes fore more variety.

organizing declutter diy furniture

Dark corners are made for clutter… so leave the dividing wall shorter. This way you let more light into each shelf. Super easy to find the shirt you are looking for!

The white boards are 60mm long - from back to front. This is great for things you need daily in the front and put cloths that are out of season into the back.

sliding wardrobe doors diy furniture ireland roscommon

You can make as many shelfs as you like.

I put a box for socks and small pieces into the 2nd shelf. See there would be plenty of space for another shelf right above the basket! (I simply wanted to let more light in)

Tip: when folding t-shirts… lay the unfolded shirt on top of the folded shirt and fold to exact size. (I can be quite messy, believe it or not… but look how pretty everything looks :D)

Space to the left of shirts can be used for trousers… roll them up and they will stabilise your shirt tower :D

sliding wardrobe doors DIY furniture Ireland Roscommon IKEA B&Q B and Q

Soft corners…

Use your jig-saw to soften those corners… You could also get white sticky stripes to stick on the chiped area - I don’t mind too much and will leave the chipped area exposed.

sliding wardrobe doors DIY furniture Ireland Roscommon IKEA B&Q B and Q

Store boxes in the back. Easy access due to the shorter middle shelf.

sliding wardrobe doors DIY furniture Ireland Roscommon IKEA B&Q B and Q

If you are looking for help for your own storage solution let me know by facebook or instagram or here!

Always happy to help!