Yesterday I arrived in the sunny country side of Montréal in the south of France. The place I am staying in is absolutely stunning! It's a huge country house, which John (a creative soul from the UK) & Florence (event organiser from the south of France) have made their home - well, though it's time to move on for the two & the place is up for sale! If I could - I would!! It's on the hidden list - so message if you are interested in a new venture!

(Commission via an agent is rather high - so here's your opportunity!)

I'll get photos of the farm house up on Monday for you - let's start with the nearest town!

Last year I spent time before the wedding to drive through the country side here in Condom (between Bordeaux & Toulouse). This year I decided to visit the Saturday market in Nérac.

Trying to resit to buy all the beautiful fashion - which was extremely hard... I bought a set of curtains for our DIY cottage renovation project. I know - we're far from hanging up curtains, but my parents are going to visit us in Ireland in 2 weeks and hey... fake it till you make it!

So my first stall at the market (after having a only glimpse at all the fashion but at least buying a reasonable set of sun glasses) was beer. I am researching, right!

Say hello to "Freddy" from Austria. Oh, I forgot, everyone at the market was extremely shy so no photos of faces. Though be assured they are all very beautiful people! And so friendly too! I still want to move here for a season...or two! Freddy moved in 1996 and no brews & drinks - well and sells his own beer. He used to live in Bavaria and when relocating to France he said "They either sell a good beer here or I move back to Bavaria!" (please add a Bavarian-Austrian dialect). So he started brewing his own brand.

Trying to only take photographs and not spending more money, I thought it wouldn't be quite fair if I couldn't at least tell you how the beer tastes & what flavour those "Cannelis" {image below} have. So I bought 1 beer & 4 cannelis.

The Cannelis are gone.

They were delicious with a cup of coffee - would got with Barry's tea too! Recipe below.

I'll translate for you Monday! I only want to write this up quick and then go to lie at the poll - why wouldn't I :)


  1. Mettre le lait dans une casserole et le porter à ébullition. Pendant ce temps, mélanger la farine avec les jaunes d'œufs, le sel et le beurre fondu. Ajouter le lait une fois refroidi. 
  2. Laisser ce mélange reposer pendant 24 h.
  3. Le lendemain, homogénéiser la pâte et y verser le pastis.
  4. Beurrer les moules à cannelés et remplir de pâte. Terminer en ajoutant un peu de cumin dans chacun des petits moules. 
  5. Enfourner pendant environ 1/2 h dans un four préchauffé à 220 °C.

Link to recipe  

When chatting to the cheese lad, I really didn't quite know anything to say - other that "C'est très grand!" "That's huge!" So I figured I best buy a variety of cheeses - again "research"!

I'll have them tonight with a lot of peaches (I only wanted 1 but the peach lady put 6 in my bag - I am not so sure about eating 6 peaches.)

At the mushroom stall I had a serendipity moment! You know the way "when the world brings it all together".

I told you earlier that this beautiful country house, that accommodates up to 15 people is for sale - but on the hidden list. Anyway... I started chatting with the mushroom lady - who is also very beautiful but didn't like to be photographed (she was happy for me to put up a blurry photo of her)...

..., when UK Zoe turned around to ask me "Do I know you?" UK Zoe came to visit Nérac with her mum to buy a property. So rather than asking what budget she had in mind (I thought that would have been a bit too direct)... I asked her how many bedrooms she had in mind (now writing it down I think it's still too direct - but also too late). Zoe said she'd be looking for space for 15 people.

Told you - serendipity! So I truly hope Zoe will get in touch again as I absolutely loved her idea! She is looking to open a place for Yoga & Art! Hello! I will be visiting again so!

At this point I stopped talking to anyone as my arm started to hurt from the heavy curtains (and remember at this stage I carry my camera, cheese, 5 peaches & a bottle of beer in the other hand) - just thinking how I will get the curtains back to Ireland. I don't worry too much about the food and drink - that will long be gone before I return Tuesday.

Later, Patricia, wedding planner from Country weddings in Gascony, kindly offered if I was looking for more curtains she could ship them over to Ireland - yes you can Patricia :) 8EUR for cotton curtains - you don't get those any cheaper (they are also very beautiful.) 

Well I hope you enjoyed a little write up from my day here in France :) I got myself a book last week, and whenever I get myself a book I feel like writing.


(when I watch a theatre play I feel like becoming an actress...I think you get what I mean)