I always wanted to be a gardener!

It's one of those magical events in life. You poke a hole, sow a seed, and pop a plant in most delightful colours comes to life.

I might have missed the part where you have to dry the grass, shovel kilos of soil, dung and nurture, and then pray the seed actually survives the change of weather. And maybe also the design of the gardening - which flower can grow next to which other flower, how to keep unwanted weeds away and all that.

I skipped it so far as to simply taking photos on beautiful wedding days of adorably designed bouquets - and I am happy enough with the result :)

There are plenty of photography opportunities right at your home during the getting ready .

A mix of gentle Gypsophila "baby's breath" to soft pink roses...

...a thorny blue Eyrngium Zabelli maybe?

A beautiful floral composition. Have Jute Yarn in a shed somewhere? A basked for a natural look or maybe try white spray  paint?

I love little jam-glasses. Those are great for flowers and candles too!


Shoes & flowers in shades of pink.

A soft vintage eggshell wedding dress & popping blue blooms.

Great for winter weddings ... The feathery floral addition. 

In love with this... popping pinks and purples nearly and a white bouquet for the bride!