Time for wedding planning: The Bouquet

Really excited to share some of the prettiest bouquets from past weddings. I hope you get inspired for your own wedding! If you need any help sourcing flowers or recommendations - get in touch :)

Colour, colour, colour - and who would have thought these are made of "fabric". There is something about bouquets that last a lifetime! And the journey we have taken on the day from home to reception venue and a walk through town. ...wedding gallery


White roses. White roses have been & always will be naturally beautiful! Simplicity in it's purest form. A statement for a wedding of love. ...wedding gallery


As you might know - I LOVE autumn! It's my absolute favourite season. A sting of cold in the air, sun rays falling through trees and leafs in strongest colours - what's not to like?! Below a bouquet with a mix of "red" blooms from orange to soft pinks with a good splash or reds - and the dress in an eggshell white - a stunning combination! ...wedding gallery


Baby's breath has been the most famous add on to any bouquet the past two years - and I doubt they will ever be out of fashion. When combined with white roses they truly make your bouquet sparkle. ...wedding gallery


I loved this pure white bouquet! Calla Lily's stand for beauty and pureness and I think they are perfect for winter weddings! In any case, make sure you get in touch with your florist of choice in time as they need to order most flowers from abroad. ...wedding gallery


Bouquets with the wow-factor! Oversized (also known as free form bouquets) make a true statement. ...which doesn't have to mean the bouquet steels the show. Using a choice of flowers with soft colours beautifully accommodate wedding dress and brides maid's dresses. These would be pretty during a spring or winter wedding. ...wedding gallery


Pure summer colours!

If you are getting married in France - or simply want to to add sunshine to your wedding day - go crazy with bright colours. A touch of grey to match the brights maids dresses - the perfect combo. The mother of the bride sourced fab handkerchieves for the boys - even the napkins were matching. A fab splash of colour! ...wedding gallery


Peacock - a statement bouquet. 


Super cute! The florist used a piece of the bride's dress for the groom's flower. Combined with a peacock feather it makes the perfect match! ...wedding gallery