...or "Pre-Wedding" Shoot.

My couples often ask me "should we have an engagement shoot or not?". It is really down to your own preference. Just stepping away from "posed" shoots - an engagement shoot can be much more than that! It's about the time before you are a married couple.

Though you shouldn't really change too much - I always love photographs of me and John that are made in the moment. Having a happy place is so important for a relationship as it is a place you can always go back to. And to have a photograph on your wall is just such a simple way of bringing that happy place home to look at each day. From your favourite park, cafe, castle etc. there are so many beautiful memories in a relationship.

So here are my 6 reasons for why you should "go for it" ...and some why not.

Engagement Shoot, Wedding Photography Ireland

The more obvious:

While we're all pretty much pro's in taking selfies by now, you might feel slightly different when it comes to being the actual centre of attention on your wedding day. An engagement or pre-wedding photography session is perfect to calm those nerves.

If you have chosen the right photographer you will quickly learn how to relaxed into your role!

1. The Nerves

engagement shoot ireland valentines day

An engagement shoot gives you - and your photographer the opportunity to get to know each other and feel natural/relaxed in each others company.

A natural style photographer will make you feel at ease. Engagement sessions aim to give you confidence to simply be yourself during your wedding day.

2. The Preparation

Engagement Shoot Ireland, Wedding Photography

When do we get the chance to dedicate a day truly to being a couple - only the two of you - well & then there's the photographer.

Pre-Wedding Shoots are super natural - natural make up, your casual clothes, favourite cardigan if you like, something you feel truly comfortable in. We will create a beautiful collection of photographs of a memories that are true to the two of you. 

3. The Before & After


But this is really why you should:

Engagement Shoot Ireland, Wedding Photography

"That" moment! Sure, we don't like "posed" moments. But this is the one I noticed could do with some practicing! Imagine your Big Day! The ceremony in full swing. Everything goes well so far, no hiccups... the rings on the right finger... and then - The Kiss!

Right in front of a huge crowd, your family, parents, friends...the priest... "awkward"!

But hey...

your first kiss is sealing your wedding day :) ... So don't just give your new partner a peck on the lips but make it a "yeyyy we are married" moment. I know it feels like minutes when you kiss in front of a crowd..., but truly - it's a seal of your love. During the engagement shoot we make sure to create a moment for you to practice to "hold it" :)

4. The Kiss.

Engagement Shoot Ireland, Wedding Photography

It's like playing outside! It's a day out for you two. Think about a location that's special to you both - your happy place! Bring some of your favourite clothes for a dress change if you like. In case of rain - put your wellies on and bring an umbrella! During our shoot, hair or make up won't matter too much - it's your natural style engagement shoot. So play in the rain, let your hair down and have fun during your engagement session!

5. It's Fun!

Engagement Shoot Ireland, Wedding Photography

Your happy place can nearly be anywhere! Your favourite café - I won't mind to take my camera out in public, a library, a park... wherever you met - or where ever you have your happy place.

Even if it's in the middle of a lake, the mountain or in the middle of a shopping centre! Imagine the photos we could take!

6. Your Happy Place

Engagement shoot wedding photography Ireland valentines day

On the other hand

It's an additional cost and we have to take some time out. Try and think of how you set your own priorities for now and long-term when it comes to an engagement shoot! Would you like to have a photoshoot prior to getting married? Or do you feel your schedule is too busy? If you are getting married abroad we can meet a day or two before your wedding day and take pre wedding photographs then.

1. Priorities

Engagement Shoot Ireland, Wedding Photography

2. Time

An engagement shoot can take anything between 2 and 4 hours, sometimes longer if we change locations a couple of times. You both would need to make yourselves available during the busy Wedding planning time.

But then again - it's a. nice "time out" for the two of you between all the planning & organising!

There's one promise: You will be more "ready" for photographs on your Big Day and go home with a fun, romantic and very personal collection of photographs - before being Mr & Mrs!

Engagement shoot wedding photography Ireland valentines day