Sweetness overload.

The more DIY I am doing on our cottage restoration project, the more I see similarities between icing cakes & plastering walls. Not that I was any good in either, but maybe I could ask my better half to put down the trowel and try his skills in the kitchen instead :)


See those feet? Scroll down for a full picture :) love that cake topping!!

Not into wedding cakes? The 3 in one solution is right up my taste buds!

For a simplistic & sophisticated silhouette cake topping.

Cuteness in a popping pink...

hmmm white chocolate! What a fab idea!

Love, love, love this! A cake topping impression that reminds of holidays!


Patricia from Country Weddings in Gascogne, France and I have built a master-cheese-piece ;) 

A natural white cake - simply beautiful.

Could have been me ;-p