In case you missed the foggy morning today because you've been busy following your passion, enjoy some nature & marina photographs below!

Have you missed the foggy morning because you've been busy hopping on the rat race... you might want to consider changing your life or views.


I haven't been out with my camera on a non-professional photography tour for many months and many reasons. First of all I felt like so many talented photographers are out there capturing the beauty of nature with the eye they perceive it and I didn't feel like hopping on the wagon. Secondly I got to caught up in the web of perfection.


It's a mix of lack of confidence and self doubt and a little bit of too much pressure we put on ourselves. Yes, me too.


Do you sometimes feel that when you put too much pressure on yourself things just don't want to work out?

In sport, art, designing. From creative passions to professional ambitions.


When we put ourselves under too much pressure it feels like our hands are frozen. Thoughts run uncontrollably from inspiration to dismissal.


That's when you have to stop.


If you let your life - if professional or personal, creative or analytical - be lead by pressure it's time to take a break.


Re-assess, look back and review at what you have achieved - it ain't all that bad!


Take some time out and allow some me time. Re-connect with friends and family. Help someone who seems stuck in their own bubble.


And then come back.


Forget about pressures. Competition. Being perfect. 


Do you believe in "practice makes perfect" - personally I don't strive for perfection and I feel we should rethink.

I much rather believe in "passion makes happy". If you strive for perfection you will always follow a goal which is impossible to reach. The progress of technology is way too fast. Innovation and change happens every day. So "perfection" doesn't really exist.


Rather than waiting for the perfect sunshine, heading out in optimal photography lighting or the "blue hour", I picked up my camera this morning, took my dog, and went for a less scenic walk in the fog. I stopped thinking about the famous landscape photographers, well-known sun set and waterfall stills and followed my passion & emotions.


You won't find a spider balancing on a silky thread while carying fog drops over a peer in the sunshine.


A gray, misty background provides a fabulous frame and creates an amazing contrast. 


If you have imagination you don't need to see the full landscape lid by perfect sunshine.


So enjoy this week that started misty and mystic. Take time out when you feel you need to come back to your own true passion.


Replace perfection with happiness - or even contentment. 


Appreciate the fog as it paints the world in very different colours.


Stay humble!