It was about 2 years ago when I met lovely couple Andrew & Vida. Only a brief encounter, I didn't think of sitting down for a cup of coffee with them 2 years later. ...and maybe two packs of biscuits (I looove my job!) 

I used to live in Ranelagh at the time - "the place to be" if you call yourself an artist - though I didn't call myself one just yet. My landlord announced he'd have to sell his house and I was forced to find a new room in Dublin. That's just one of those things I detested about living in Dublin - it's impossible to settle.

Do you make lists? I had my list of priorities when it came to finding my new "dream home":

  1. No stairs
  2. Central heating
  3. Immediate warm showers
  4. Dish washer

As it would, reality proved different in all the above.

  1. A set of 5 stairs... I counted them 72 steps to be exact.
  2. Heating: Lucky enough I managed to get the top floor box room upstairs (or 72 stairs up) and as the heat rises it wasn't too bad.
  3. Showers took a while to heat but cool down after only minutes.
  4. Dish washer: there was no dish washer.

I absolutely loved the place though! It couldn't get any closer to living life in Georgian Dublin. Plus, years ago there used to live this Irish lad - a writer of some sort. Patrick Kavanagh. And his soul was still there!  Honestly!! We all felt it!

Inspired by Kavanagh's books - and his ghost - I got drawn (literally) to art more and more each day. Let me tell you one thing about life. If you have this constant urge, this voice in your head, a certain feeling in your heart don't ignore it. Don't let it go or else you will lose a part of yourself that could have changed your life for the better.

I was dating this guy at the time (he also still hangs around) and we were looking for something to do Saturday afternoon. What else would a German girl choose during the festive season than a Christmas market!

The market in Marley Park House was absolutely lovely! We wandered from room to room with different creative exhibitors from art to food and old books. In one of the rooms upstairs to the right was a bright table with beautiful hand crafted glass paintings - modern, classy and colour full. Vida told me she was an artist too but the glass paintings were her husband's designs. (Behind every strong man is a strong woman ;))

Two years later I met Vida on a business meeting were we had a longer chat. We spoke about design, living, life in general and soon realised it would be great to work on a shoot together.

About 8 years ago Vida and Andrew started their venture from scratch. From building a new house - hands on - to setting up their modern Irish Design brand "Black hen designs". It is nearly as if I am drawn to creatives who made foot prints for my own life. It's so comforting seeing such a lovely and loving story like Andrew's and Vida's from creating designs, building a home and see their smiles!?

 Andrew & Vida from  Black Hen Designs

Andrew & Vida from Black Hen Designs

But look for yourself. I think their Andrew's designs are stunning. A mix of nature, humour and lovely use of colours. I had the opportunity to visit their incredible art studio and see how Andrew creates his artwork with such a skill. Pshhhh... a little secret - you want to have an eye on Vida Pain's paintings - those two are creative souls!