Food thoughts.

Bananas are my best friend at the moment. Being creative & healthy isn't as easy and straight forward as I hoped.

A week ago I started cutting out gluten, lactose, wheats & carbon. After the initial "what the hack am I still able to eat???", I had a rather smooth start to the week. Glad to find a couple of things in my local groceries that got me through the day from lactose free cheese to gluten free bread... I quickly realised it's not as simple as that.

Lactose free cheese and milk might still be full of dairy, gluten free doesn't include lactose free... You get the idea. Having consulted various pharmacies about "this bloated feeling", tiredness and feeling of demotivation, I didn't think that "google it" or "sounds like..." would help me any further.

I never wanted to turn into one of 'those' people overcomplicating nutrition, or being on a specific "Diet", but once you hit a certain... "level" in life you might "have to" try a new diet. It's not an attempt to lose weight. It's the attempt to feel healthy, get up the sofa. That's all. Well and maybe I might try a 5 or 10k by the end of the year... or start of the next. We'll see :)

...and here I realize bananas aren't only bananas... they are yet another great excuse to eat bacon!

Tip: Feel free to add coconut sprinkles to those yummy banana-bacon "wraps".