...so go and find those who give them wings.

As long as humans are you will always find an opinion. Which is bound to create disappointment or inspiration. We tend to blame other for failure or success - while we should start to take things into our own hands.

A couple of years ago I - or rather "life" - turned my life upside down. A family member experienced a life challenge, I questioned my "successful", set in stone career and everything I've built up so far.

Admiration, praise and applause. While I felt overwhelmed, greyness and monotony. The corporate world can be protective and secure - but often it destructs from life and is obscure.

While others find it easy to identify what's best for you - it is up to you to surround yourself with those who support you in what YOU think is best for yourself. You will find both people anywhere.

I went to a Network meeting yesterday and met some incredible people - and some who think what's best for me :).

Thank god one very lovely lady approached me after the session and said "Go girl! Do what you want! Write it all down, all your dreams and do what you love!" Alma Jordan is an extremely inspiring and positive person.

She is real. Friendly. Knowledgable. Good in what she does - and does good too. When Alma returned to her passion - the Farm life - she quickly identified a huge challenge. Farm related accidents. So Alma sat down... looked at her 15 months old son, and started setting up www.agrikids.ie. Go have a look - it's such a lovely idea! Her kid's books are inspiring, focused on playing outdoors - any kid (and adult :)) will enjoy them!

Alma is one of those women to give dreams wings.

There are a couple of things I have applied in the pass years and which have been reconfirmed by so many women yesterday evening who are living their dream (...many have lived a very different life and been brave to make that change).

  • Surround yourself with those who you want to be.
  • Be with passionate people.
  • Stop what doesn't feel well.
  • Failure is the first step of learning a new skill.
  • If you push through the feeling of being scared incredible things can happen.
  • Replace "but" with - "this is how".
  • (make friends with your competitors :))
  • Give your dreams wings.
  • ...go girl! :)