Finally. It's summer :) - FULL GALLERY

You might be one of those people - like me - who says "I don't mind the rain or wind the cold or dark." But as soon as that yellow fire ball appears you decorate your garden, dress in pinks and blues and sing along as if no one was around you - We love the summer!

I am sitting in my garden, sunglasses on, music loud, the new ALDI BBQ assembled eventually (I gave up to believe the DIY BBQ will ever happen).

It’s time for some celebrations.

Yesterday I felt like treating myself to a pink floral bouquet  – but rather than putting the whole bunch into one vase and trying to decide which room to decorate with the blossom scent,... how about making best use of your floral bouquet for your whole house!

Blossom decoration for you any garden party or even your own unique DIY Garden Wedding.

Get some old jam jars. You can either paint your jars with acrylic or water colours (removable – great if you want to change the colour of your jars seasonally) , or use glass paint rom your local art supply for a more permanent design. Alternatively – which I quite like – get your self a bit of cheap string from your local florist or hardware store.

In photography I aim to shot differently each time. It’s a bit of a challenge I have given me. I either use different backgrounds, settings, shoot overexposed… you might have noticed that many photos are detail shots and some have blurred backgrounds. I get inspired by emotions rather than objects.

Well, and sometimes I use accessories with a rather different purpose. 

Today my backdrop is our new BBQ J - perfect for a summer garden shoot!

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