You booked your photographer for the day… this schedule might help you & the photographer to capture those special moments.

I am sure you have your hands full with things to plan to make your day perfect! Don’t be nervous, it will all fall in place as you go along. Many other lovely brides and groom have been there before. And even in the one or other little thing turns out different then planned, it might be the little surprise that makes your day stand out and even more memorable, and I make sure to capture those moments as well as the “must-haves” for social media, your wedding album, your “thank you cards” etc.

…so no need to panic :)


Plan ahead… but do leave space for surprises!

9am: Sunshine baby, have an early morning!

After a sleepless night, full of excitement, I think 9am is a great time to get your day started! Make sure to have your VIPs with you – your mum, brides maids and any helpers ready to go – Mainly to enjoy a nice, light breakfast, maybe some cereals, orange juice – I can’t be without my German boiled egg – and of course a glass (not too much!!) bubbly to get into the swing of things. It is a celebration day at the and of the day – literally.

10am: MakeUp and Bubbly

It might get messy. While it’s all about looking lovely, it’s hard work at first. There will be powder, make up, lipstick, so make sure you all slip into your bathing robes or “workman’s gowns” :) . The bride is first when comes to bubbly or make up and hair. For more than one reasons.

1. You want to take any stress off and make sure you are ready with no delays

2. You will have your room filled with the most important team:

  • Well – the bride
  • Bridesmaids
  • Make-up Artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Maybe your mum, she might be helping out with those lovely self made biscuits and tea to keep the crowd happy
  • Photographer to capture all those exciting moments

Anyone stressing you out?? – have a brides maid keep those away, it’s all about the calm before the… Party

11am: Keep those vibes up with a sneaky snack!

One of my Graphic Design mates gave me the best tip ever: Always keep a little snack available to keep people balanced.


There is nothing worth than low blood sugars for nerves & happiness! Trust me!

12pm: Getting dressed!

And now – the “first” big moment – You will get into your dress.


Just a little tip at the site: After you get engaged one of the first things you might be getting might be your dress. You will choose the one you fall in love with. Just as a good meal, don’t over-do it. Don’t keep wearing it (creepy) and don’t keep staring at it either. Put it somewhere save and secure and only get it back out of its hiding place when it comes to fitting.

Why stating the obvious? I know it’s way too exciting to not have a glimpse  at your wedding dress during the time before your wedding, but the last thing you want is to fall out of love with your beloved wedding dress.

Keep your dress as special and exciting as when you fell in love with it at first sight.

On the day…

When getting into your dress make sure to have 2 – 3 people to mind your hair and make up. You don’t want to smudge your lipstick or make up – not from your self and not from your kind helpers. Clean hands policy!

Photo time: There is plenty of time for “Snapshots” and documentary style images.

But make sure to allocate some time to:

  • Detail shots
  • Group pics
  • Special situations you don’t want to be missed

Remember, images are for different purposes:

  • Your Social media, Facebook, to share with your friends
  • Your parents and close Family for prints
  • Thank you Cards
  • Wedding Photo Album

Don’t forget that your friends and family is getting ready now, so there should be plenty of time!

…but no worries, I’ll do that work for you ;)

1.15pm: To the church

…or garden ceremony?

Your man, his family and best man should be at the ceremony before you. If you are happy enough with everything, and as your beloved groom should really be part of the day too, …we all know he’s just the last piece of the puzzle really :)… let the Photographer go and take some shots of the nervous lads.


Make sure though to get some shots with your dad as well – but try not to  cry too much – we need to keep that Make-Up glam!

Sure, as you know… Groom’s family find their seat on the justify… while Bride’s family sit on the left.

2pm: It’s all about “him”

No doubt, the bride is the princess on the day (:)). The groom is just as important.


While the bride is getting ready with make up and hair there is plenty of time to pop over (and back) to the lads if you’re getting ready in the same location (at the hotel, Chateau etc.). If there are two locations and you both are getting ready at your parent’s place, ask for a second photographer. A photographer will be able to cover each moment during the wedding nicely from different angles, but if you really decide to cover both sides during the getting ready in two locations it is recommended to ask for a 2nd photographer at a small extra fee.

Give notice to your photographer about departure from your home to church and from the church to your reception so he/she can cover those moments too.

Again – no need to be nervous, your Bridesmaids will help you to so you won’t get lost on your way to the altar :) Bridesmaids can give a signal to your lovely flower girls and page boys.

3pm: Best wishes!

This can be a rather chaotic time for photography. Everyone wants to be the first to congratulate.

There might be a massive queue and a bit of a crowded atmosphere. Make sure to get names and faces over to your photographer so he/she knows where to take shots when!

A couple of “poses” with family, bride’s maids, best man is a must – commit 15 to 30 minutes. I always aim to shoot the whole crowd for a fab group image!

I do steel my couples away from the crowd for some more private images, so make sure that guests and family are entertained with drinks, music and nibbles.

3.30pm: Drinks & personal photo shoot

One of my favourite times being a guest & great for the couple to take some time for their very own, intimate & personal wedding shots.

Drinks reception – do have a glass with your new Husband; this is where the fun begins. While wedding guests have the opportunity to meet, cheers & mingle, the couple won’t be missed.

Allocate about 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the venue. You might want to take shots inside if in a nice castle, manor or barn, and outside when there are gardens, fields or scenic lakes close by.

TIP: bring a pair of runners or wellies! You don’t want your shiny pumps be all muddy and messy – but you also don’t want to miss fantastic photo opportunities just because they can’t be reached in shiny pumps!

5pm: Snack time!

It’s just early but sure, let’s have a bite or two. Allow enough time for a bit of mingling and a couple of nibbles, but then again, don’t stretch it too long as the guests are really only waiting for a proper dinner and some time to sit down and relax.

6.45pm: Time for some talking

It’s Speeches time! Here’s the general order…

  1. Father of Bride
  2. Groom
  3. Best Man

Have some yummy bubbly for toasts; it doesn’t always have to be champagne :)

7.15pm: A piece of cake

The speeches can of course be scheduled before / with the dinner, as dinnertime is most likely the time where everybody is in the room. But let’s not miss the cake.

Cutting the cake might sound old fashioned, but it’s one of the traditions, just as important as the first dance. Once the cake is cut, why not take some time to freshen up? You might want to relax those dancing shoes and set for dinner.

8pm: Get into your dancing shoes

The first Dance! Have you secretly taken dance training with you groom, prepared a show? Or are you performing to a standard Waltz? Anything is accepted really!

It’s a fantastic way to get the party started. The first dance can be “served” with dinner, before or after.

8.30pm: Tapas & BBQs

Depending on earlier snacks & meals, consult with your wedding planner or caterer about the amount of food to be served on the night. With long gaps between church, reception & the big meal, guests might be extremely hungry. Then again, if drinks are flowing the appetite might be directed towards beverages more than meat or fish? Canapés & a buffet style dinner might be a good solution. A BBQ to strengthen those dancing feet maybe? You might want to consider a midnight snack to keep everyone fit for a long night! :)

10pm: Spend time valuably

Try and spend time with your friends and family. They might not see a whole lot of you throughout the day. You will be extremely wanted that day! …but then again, try not to loose your man either. It will be a busy night!

11.45pm: Have fun!