The little Winter Wonder Cake has all I love.
Chocolate Chip Cookies, fresh Berries and a scent of Anise. (maybe you're looking for an even easier DIY Birthday cake?)

DIY please! I am "too busy".

"Too busy" wrapping up presents, cleaning and scrubbing the house, shopping, cooking... well and who knows me best: sitting in front of the fire place and being cuddled up warm & cozy with my knitting gear on my sofa. It's getting cold outside.

No time left for fancy cakes or cookies, but this one does the trick I promise!

The most complicated in the DIY Cake project is the food colouring - "ah here, leave it out" if you want! Alternatively get some colour full, red (& healthy) berries to top the cake.

Don't forget the decor. Some Anise seeds, coconut sprinkles and a cinnamon stick for a lovely scent and wintery look.

The less pricy option if you don't have any of the above: Cinnamon powder, cookie crumbs and berries even orange peel do the trick for sent and a dash of colour!

A little cheeky. I got a spongy cake and cut it in two layers to save time for making the cake base. The cake I used had a creamy filling which was handy for decorating the little chocolate balls on to.

I do love baking, but for those who need a break once in a while, I went to Lidl, got some basic but very yummy ingredients, all together around the 10 - 13EUR mark. It won't need to be fancy and you will have cookies left over for the holiday tea time and after (whooohooo!).

TIP: Use Nutella or any other chocolate cream to "glu" the Ferrero Rocher on to the biscuits.

Mix a small drop of green food colouring with icing powder & a dribble of water - be careful though, a couple of drops are just fine to create a nice texture so it's easy to apply the icing on to the cake without the green running down the biscuits.

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