Only one day on the boat with this crowd and you'll join the club!

 How many divers do you see? ...Line Training

How many divers do you see? ...Line Training

A couple of years ago I sat on my balcony, nearly every day, overlooking Dublin skyline. Sunrise after sunrise. Sunset after sunset. I will never get tired of watching the sun set or rise.

Though ... it is exciting to change your perspective from time to time. Last week I sneaked into the rescue boat of Lough Ree Sub Aqua Club to admire the scenery from the water. It's been an absolute blast being out with the crew!

Have a look at how a rescue and recovery training session for the divers looks.

New members welcome - good humour is a must - good craic is guaranteed. While you don't have to go all the way towards becoming a search and recovery diver, it is a great way of supporting the community and families - doing something good.

So why not join for a bit of fun and diving trips to the local lake, the west of Ireland or to further afield destinations, and see where the diving takes you!