If you're looking for a new friend or family member, no need to go to a puppy farm!Roscommon_SPCA-1-79

If you have a weak spot for dogs - stop reading and watching right now.

Just a couple of weeks ago I decided it is time for a little add on to our home. Honey has since won over my bf's and my heart. She is an absolute adorable mix.

Ehm,... doberman, collie, labrador,... alsatian, greyhound... well we don't quiet know what she is to be honest and no one does; so we agreed on collie alsatian and a bit of Lab - the wild 60s I suppose. They do have the best features after all.

From retrieving & guarding to kind & playful. She's a 24 job though the little one, but her cuddles make up for it!

We were lucky to get her from the Roscommon SPCA! Even luckier as she has found a fantastic foster mum only a couple of weeks after her birth. The Kennel I visited today (Gale Fords Kennel) does fab training with their dogs and they have years of experience!

As a little "thank you" I decided to make my way to the Roscommon SPCA to try and help with what works best for those lovely dogs to find their home & happy place! ...and the photoshoot was some job! :) I nearly went home with my car filled with little friends for Honey!

If you are looking to get a dog yourself... get in touch with Roscommon SPCA: