I hate being miserable - I know, it's paradox. After a summer of... cold, I guess it's time to accept that we had a sh*** summer. Again.

I'm not talking about the activities,... festivals, BBQs,... long nights of dancing, chatting, laughing. Not to mention times we spent with families during summer holidays, visitors we had in the house... Evenings and weekends spent going places, strolling through parks, sitting on boats, jumping into waters...

Ah sure,... maybe it wasn't so bad. Maybe.

As the evenings get even colder (the 2nd evening of oil burning) I thought about reasons to keep up the good mood and look forward to an autumn one can dream of.

So here's to rain, sun and happiness! To changing colours of leaves, warm hoodies, cozy blankets, and nights in front of a warm fire!

10 reasons to look forward to colder, darker nights:

10. Autumn shows its beauty in most incredible colours nature has to offer!

9. Dark misty evenings are a fantastic excuse to cuddle up on the sofa wrapped in a knitted blanket with a glass of wine and some chocolate.


8. Walks at the beach without having to jump into the freezing cold water pretending to need a refresher.

7. Wearing a wetsuit without being embarrassed.

6. As many hot chocolates and coffee mokas as you like!

5. Going for long walks in the cold frosty air makes you enjoy your dinner even more...

 P.S.Red Ballyleague

P.S.Red Ballyleague

4. Baking!

3. Presents!! Well...if it's your birthday in autumn.

2. Time for wellies!!! 

1. Looking forward to the winter!

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