The danger of overcoming fears is that they easily turn into addictions.

What's Wakeboarding?? - it's like waterski on a snowbaord. Not far from reality as it's based on Snowboarding and was originally called: Skurfing. There are cable systems all over the world - three in Ireland with many more to be expected.

Being pulled by a cable at 30–40 km/h (18-25 mph) can be intimmidating. I promise: once tried it easily turns into the biggest passion you've might ever expirience.

It's a mix of the sport itself, bit of adrenalin once you discover obsticals and an amazing community of people who are "likeminded", love the forces of nature, a bit of banter and a relaxed lifestyle with class people.

Glad to say that Ireland has plenty to offer. A good starting point is surely Wakedock in Grand Canal Dock in Dublin, just oposite the Grand Canal Theatre. Great spot in the north is Cable and Wake in Belfast at the Titanic Quarter. While I am really looking forward to the cable in Ballyhass my personal favourite has to be wake2wake in Strokestown. The scenery just really makes the sport an adventure.