Petite_Idylle_Caoimhe_Communion (1 of 1)-6
Petite_Idylle_Caoimhe_Communion (1 of 1)-6
Caoimhe - an Irish name & the meaning speaks for itself: gentle, beautiful, precious.

I can barely remember my own communion. Being a little girl who has to wear a dress for the first time. And not just that. It probably is one of the most important day of every little girl - everyone around her focuses on the communion girl. Hair, earrings, the dress - it's nearly like a wedding. If you look closely you can nearly see tears in her eyes, a mix of excitement and nerves... two years after I meat Caoimhe, it was her little sister Sadhbh's communion.

Great to be back and see the kids again!

What a truly beautiful princess!