"Table for one"... I say. 'What a lovely place' I think when I follow the young red-haired woman. Long hair fixed to a ponytail. As she directs me to my table right in front of large glass windows, overlooking nothing but the water, the quiet sea of Howth. Quiet at least that day. The summer has arrived eventually - they say. It's not that bad I think. It is not. We had quite some days of sunshine the past few years. I am in Dublin for over six years and I saw more than just a few people showing off their farmers taint. The warmth of the sun is just so tempting. I want to indulge you. Lie in your arms. Being alone but not lonely. I am taking myself out for some dinner tonight - A women's worth. Fine dining in pure silence not being distracted by communication, words of small even no meaning, thought that distract the purpose of the evening. Enjoying the silence carried by the whisper of the few people who I find my self surrounded by, I follow the sound of acceptance, true mutual love that leads my attention to a small table right beside a column where two opposite hands hold tight on to each other while the other hands appease not the emotion but the actual hunger. Both hands are laced by soft wrinkles and some freckles. Feeling the warmth and hearing the stories that the silence creates, I allow my thoughts to wander of to distant fields.

Inspired - by the Phoenix that's engraved in the Chinese ware on one of the shelfs I close my eyes embracing the warm sun that shines through the windows and reflects from the water. I see a warm orange colour and a moving shadow passes over my eyes. Sea-gulls maybe that fly somewhere between the sun and myself, or maybe even an elegant Phoenix flying past. I am not sure why some people perceive the bird as something negative when the meaning is in fact life-affirming. He spends around 300 to 500 years and finally builds a nest where he settles down and burns. After the flames have been killed a new egg is left behind. Building a nest, a home, a warm surrounding, arriving in what you feel is your home, your place to be.