kitchen diy tidy new year new me life hacks

Kitchen clear

…I am getting a little frustrated about the yearly “New Year New Me” chats everyone is having. This yearly appearance is really getting boring.

I watched “This Morning” where Ferne McCann promoted her fitness dvd and asked myself why so many follow a trend that’s as old as fitness dvds are. All she does is give pilates and other already known exercises a different twist. ‘Wobble your a** to the side while doing a plank’.

Well I won’t wobble and neither follow. Not just because I don’t own a dvd player but also because I am “just fine”. Thanks really.

But as I want to make my contribution to a healthier year, I give you some advice too. I’d feel bad if I wouldn’t. So,… here it goes:

Why not spend 15 extra minutes in the kitchen every evening this year.

Best just before bet-time. How about you clean your kitchen once a day. Give it a good sweep. I might make a fitness dvd on how to clean a kitchen. So many benefits for your body and then in the morning the kitchen is clean too! That’s double winning - and hey, it’s free (assuming you have some soap of course)!

kitchen diy tidy new year new me life hacks

See, all you really need to do is be more mindful. They invented the mind-full theory remember.

Three simple tips:

  1. de clutter - throw shit away!

  2. throw some more shit away!

  3. keep everything simple & tidy as you go along.

The less you have, the less you have to clean ;).


kitchen diy tidy new year new me life hacks