Headshots Ireland


Headshots Ireland

Let your photos speak for themselves

Available in Ireland & Europe

Creating your own display online is exciting. While we are more or less comfortable in our own skin, a static portrait wants to be loved. Being behind the camera, I will take time to find that unique face-shot which combines your confidence, positivity and "zing" in a single photograph.

For all enquiries or simply to say ‘hello’ feel free to email me - spelic_nicolette@icloud.com


Headshot and fashion photography is about connecting with the person in front of the camera, creating a natural atmosphere, and capturing each individual's true personality.

Corporate sessions can be scheduled over either half or a full day, and can be conducted over 2-3 consecutive days for larger groups.

  • Set-up, including props, will be provided at your premises.

  • Only 15 minutes will be required with each employee, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

  • Photographs will be carefully selected, edited and touched up within four working days, and sent either to each employee personally or to a designated contact in your organisation.

  • Six images will be provided to each employee, three in colour and three in black & white.

  • Formats will suit LinkedIn profiles and those of other social media pages


Some benefits for your company & team

  • Corporate identification:

Events designed for employee satisfaction improve the identification with your business values.

  • Customer service enhancement

Customers speak to a "person" rather than just a faceless email. Customer satisfaction will be improved by offering a personal contact.

  • Brand development

You strengthen your marketing material with professional photographs

  • Team event

A photography experience is a great opportunity for a team event that won't take too much time up per employee - but create a positive talking point within the teams.

  • Employee confidence improvement

Bright lighting, natural back grounds - photographs show your team member from his/her best site. I received fantastic feedback from individuals that are proud to display their photographs on business network pages, email footers and internal sites.

So why not book an experience headshot session for your business and your employees!

You don't just book a photographer. You arrange an experience photoshoot for your team who captures personalities. Photographs are suited for your social media from Twitter to linked, email footers, Pod casts and more. Improve international business connections by introducing team members.