Dedicated communion photography in Ireland


From my heart to you...

When I was little we had endless moments of fun. We played board games at weekends, visited the aircraft museum, went to the quarry to chisel our own diamonds (I am pretty sure they were real). We walked through the forest where my father told me stories of knights on wild horses that appear with the fog in autumn nights. 

I wish...

I had those memories from my childhood photographed. But things were a little different then. 

So why not...

let me capture your life events for you. Step away from the static backdrop. Bright studio lighting and do what you do best. Be you.

I can visit the family at their home or we fine a venue or location that is personal to you. With focus on natural light and environment I document life moments as they happen. With a creative twist during a fun-filled morning or afternoon.

The whole family with parents, sibling, grandparents, aunty and uncle can be part of your communion photo shoot.


Dates are limited, so please do book as soon as you get the date from your school to avoid disappointment.