Photoshoot for Accommodation.

...when we meet.

A photoshoot at your premisses is exciting and sometimes a little adventure.

It's about you, your business, your story. It can be nerve wrecking opening your doors to customers, visitors and guests. It's nearly like revealing a little bit about yourself. That's why I love to help you present yourself and your business in the best "light".

Below you find a couple of tips for a fun and successful photoshoot:

1. A cuppa coffee or cookies - to keep your photographer happy (vital for morning shoots) ;)

2. Preparation before the day - you might want to pop into your local shop for some decoration

  • Flowers for rooms / breakfast table decor / living room
  • One or more breakfast/dinner tables to be set up - if you like me to cover food photography for you (if you offer dinner it is recommended to do two separate shoots, one day time and one night time shoot.)
  • Accessories that reflect your B&B's or hotel's atmosphere (candles, fire place, art, pictures, etc.)
  • Make sure that your business name outside your venue is displayed correctly (sometimes letters are missing or lights don't work)
  • Maybe display something that reflects who you are. (e.g. boutique style hotel suitcases as below)

3. Lighting - inside & outside - In photography it's all about the lighting. 

  • Check lightbulbs
  • Bedside lamps for darker rooms
  • Candles
  • --> the more light the better the atmosphere will be reflected in your photos (even if we shoot in daylight - a variety of indirect light sources improves the atmosphere)

4. It's about you.

  • It's all about your unique selling point - not about pleasing a mass market. Set each room up the way you would when your guest arrive.
  • Show off what stands out in your venue - breakfast? bedrooms? Community / living room / location? Outside space? etc.
  • If your breakfast is particularly good (variety / quality etc.) set up a breakfast table. Maybe it's the reading area or cosy fireplace? etc.
  • ...a pretty garden area?

5. Don't worry

  • I will provide a variety of shots from detail to interior shoots.
  • I can always come back for a follow up shoot

It would be great if you had parking available at the day - I might bring heavy or more complex equipment :)

As a photographer I aim to reflect the space as I experience it with focus on comfort, light, environment and ambience. Photographs speak a thousand words, while it is my priority to display and highlight your individual selling point. From space to experience, breakfast to comfort.

Photos we take in our photoshoot will help you represent your accommodation and tell your own unique story.

When we take images you will receive a sneak preview on facebook within 24h, which I am happy to share with my followers for additional exposure. Remaining images will usually be provided within a week or two on a USB Stick. Priority delivery available upon request.

Images will all be edited individually as quality is extremely important for me.

Looking forward to photographing your story!